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We dream big and don't settle for the status quo. We’re always curious and hungry to do more.

We never rest upon today's successes; we honor our past to inform our innovative future.

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This is your chance to move bodies, turn heads, and set the room on fire.

Enter The Prodigy—Equinox’s first ever talent search. Get your moment in the spotlight as we hunt for the next generation of Group Fitness talent to join our elite instructors.

The Prodigy kicks off in January 2017 and culminates in a live performance in New York City. Fill out the submission form and we’ll send you the details. Search is limited to Cardio and Strength categories.

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The Prodigy

Why Equinox?

Maximizing potential is what we do – for both our members and our employees. Pushing the edge of what’s possible and going beyond expectations. Our teams thrive on finding challenges and running right over them. They get results, and they do it while living a healthy, fun lifestyle alongside like-minded, passionate people. And we’re with them every step of the way. From open communication and meaningful philanthropy to learning programs and free membership, we make sure our employees have everything they need to succeed.